Tokyo Biyori

Frances Loden frako
Tue Nov 4 04:51:10 EST 1997

>I originally decided not to write about the film for the Yomiuri because,
>as a >failure, it did not interest me.

I can't help but think, Aaron, that a good analysis (like yours) of a
failed film could only do things good.  It should interest us very much.
Though the Yomiuri is probably not the ideal place for it.

Certainly one thing that sours my appreciation for Japanese cinema is the
omnipresence of so many of its actors on TV dramas and commercials and, I
suppose, the "TV style" that creeps into the films.  (Frankly, I see very
little difference in acting styles between Japanese TV and films,
especially since so many of the films are produced by TV networks.)

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