Shall We Dance - Prologue

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On Tue, 4 Nov 1997, Carole Cavanaugh wrote:

> Thanks for the translation. I think I now remember something in the U.S.
> version about how rare it is for Japanese married couples to embrace or to
> express love. Am I remembering correctly?

This is the same article that appears on Japan Echo I think.

As I recall, the point was made in the export version that these
swirling/whirling European couples were married couples.  The voiceover
said Japanese would be too embarassed to be caught dead doing such a thing
or saying "I love you".  So it really isn't ironic in the sense that
Sugiyama and his wife never do dance in public - only in the back yard -
and never do come right out and say "I love you" -- though it is implied
that they may take lessons together in the future and I suppose that they
come to some sort of understanding that is demonstrative of their love for
one another, though they don't explicitly say so.

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