Ah, still censorship in Japan

Michael Raine michael-raine
Sun Oct 19 18:15:19 EDT 1997

I'll do anything for an alliteration... 

Yes, pixillation is the stop-motion effect that Norman McLaren made famous.
I was thinking of "pixel-ation" -- not "pixellation" which is the mess that
a digital TV image becomes when the encoder can't keep up. However,
"pixel-ation" doesn't exist and I should say "mosaicization" or something,
I suppose...

Anyway, how did the censors treat Schindler's List?


At 20:13 97/10/19 +0900, you wrote:
>Michael asked,
>>I have one question though: I talked with some friends who claimed
>>that the genitalia in Schindler's List _was_ pixillated. Does anyone know
>>if this was true? Or is the claim that the penises were pixillated but not
>>actually cut? 
>"Pixillated"?  Isn't pixillation the form of animation using real objects 
>and real people that Norman McLaren and others used?  Do you mean adding 

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