KYOTO FILM FESTIVAL ( Kinejun BBS に載せた情報について)

Anne McKnight amck
Mon Oct 20 06:51:07 EDT 1997

I'm writing because I'm a graduate student in Comparative Literature at UC
Berkeley, in California, and and for work, I write most of the articles on
Japanese film for the Asahi Evening News (the English-language daily of
I'm interested in writing about the Kyoto film festival and related events,
and wonder if you might be able to tell me how to contact the office in
charge of dealing with the press.  I'm especially interested in role the
Kyoto film festival is taking with respect to historical film (jidai-geki,
30s films recently found in archives).
I would be very grateful for any help you could offer in directing me to
the appropriate person to talk to.


Anne McKnight
T/F:  (03) 3465-3940

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