Walker,R R.Walker
Thu Aug 6 14:40:05 EDT 1998

Hi - I'm new on the list.  So, a brief self-description.

My name's Richard Walker, and I'm a PhD student in the economics
department at the London School of Economics.  I live in London
(obviously).  My interest in Japanese cinema is amateurish in nature.
We've been pretty fortunate in London over the last year, as the
National Film Theatre has had Mizoguchi and Ozu retrospectives; an
Imamura season has just started (I saw 'Pigs and Battleships' (Hogs and
Warships?) and 'The Insect Woman'  last night, and 'Endless Desire' the
day before).  If I had to name an all-time favourite (as opposed to
all-time great) Japanese film, I would chicken out and choose one from
my childhood - 'Shogun Assassin', the bastardised Kenji Misumi film.  

I may as well kick off with a query.  One of my favourite films is
'Maborosi' by Hirokazu Koreeda.  The IMDB says Koreeda has directed one
other, 'Without Memory'.  I've never seen it.  Is this likely to be
released in Europe at any point?  Is Koreeda working on any other films?
Where can I go for info?  



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