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Dear Kinejapan Members

I hope that you are interested in this ongoing mailing about the Kogals. As
I have to write an article on TOKYO EYES from french director Jean-Pierre
Limosin, I am still interested in everything concerning the Kogals. In
Locarno, I had an interview with the director and we talked about Hinano.
For him she seems very graceful and at the same time he likes very much her
"awkwardness". There is for example a scene in the film where she tries to
get rid of some adhesive tape. It wasn't in the script but happend by
accident. Limosin loved it so much, that he left it in the film. 

In an article about the Cannes Film Festival the french magazine Les
Inrockuptibles compared Hinano with french singer and actress Vanessa
It seems that many french directors do see young women in different way,
than for example their american counterparts. Whereas the US have her
"Lolita" and "Splendor in the Grass" as well known cases, today they do see
childish women mostly as victims. It seems uncorrect to depict women as
childish, because that means that they are powerless (like children). Most
french directors do see it in a completely different way. Maybe more
interesting than Rohmer and Rivette, is french woman director Catherine
Breillat, who showed a young girl of 14-15 years from the inside in her
film "3615 fillette". In an interview, she said that these young girls know
exactly that they have power over men and that they use it in a very
conscient way.

Somehow it seems that a french director like Limosin is culturally nearer
to an actress like Hinano Yoshikawa than most american directors could ever
be. But maybe it is just another european (think of Nabokov and Chytilova)

For people interested in another article about Kogals, go to:

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