Makoto Shinozaki and OKAERI

Mirjam/Roger Fischer mrfischer
Fri Aug 28 11:12:09 EDT 1998

Dear Kinejapan-Members

Do anyone have some information about film critic and director Makoto
Shinozaki. As his film "Okaeri" was made in 1996, I think you have already
discussed it. Maybe there is still some material available. Or do you have
some www-address, where I can find something about him in english, french
or german?

Does he have other film projects? 
How is he as a film critic? 
Would see his OKAERI in a line with films like MABOROSHI, SLEEPING MAN etc?
How do you see the comparison with Ozu?
Ozu made OHAYO, a kids film, and Tony Rayns says that by casting Tomio
Aoki, known as Ozu's belligerent child-star Tokkan-kozo, there is a
connection between Shinozaki and Ozu even if it's not a formal one.

On a more sociological level OKAERI could be seen as the opposite of BOUNCE
KOGALS. I mean Yuriko in OKAERI can be seen as the "traditional", terminal
destiny of a woman in society whereas Kogals are still to enter this
society. Yuriko therefore can only rebel against this inhumane state by
creating another world. (What's great about this film, is that there is
hope because the husband Takashi trys to enter her world too and not to
exclude her from his and society's.) Kogals seem to resist as long as
possible to enter society (even if they adopt it's consumer values) because
they see it as a "death row".

Maybe you have something to say about that.

Thank you already 

Best regards

Roger Fischer

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