TV in Japan

S.A. Thornton atsat
Fri Aug 28 13:40:47 EDT 1998

I have been paying attention, if only a little, to the discussion on TV
and I would like to point out what I consider to be a problem: the
disparaging and excuse me ethnocentric condemnation of Japanese cliches
in Japanese TV shows.  
I'd like to make two points.  Cliches are the core of the narrative
strategies and attention has to be paid to them: what do they mean? how
are they used? what is their value in terms of performance and
production as well as reception? 
Just because these narrative strategies are not American does not mean
that they have no value in their own culture.  I thought that the
prupose of studying Japanese film/TV was to figure out what the Japanese
were doing? The American model has to be addressed and then dropped.
Japanese cultures and traditions get ignored by American
specialists/scholars of Film/tv and we all lose by it.

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