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Mirjam/Roger Fischer mrfischer
Sun Aug 2 11:58:16 EDT 1998

Has anybody heard of the French-Japanese coproduction TOKYO EYES (1997)?
The name of the director is Jean-Pierre Limosin. The film was at Cannes 98,
in the section "UN CERTAIN REGARD". 
The Producers are Kenzo Horikoshi (EURO SPACE) and Hengameh Panahi (LUMEN

I'am extremly interested in the two actors who play the main roles:

Hinano Yoshikawa
Shinji Takeda

Do you know more about them? They both act on TV, sing and appear in
magazines. On the net, I only found rather boring fanpages of Shinji
Takeda. Maybe somebody knows more interesting details about them and their
TV-series (it's great that there is already an ongoing discussion about
Japanese TV :-) ). I have heard that Hinano is a aidoru of the
kogaru-generation. Does somebody know more about that? 

Takeshi Kitano plays also a minor role in the film. Has anybody heard
something about that? In the film, Beat Takeshi looks once at a Burakumin
who is hiding. It's a short glance, but rather telling. As this is not very
common in Japanese movies, I think it's because the director is french. Do
you know more about the (non-)representation of Burakumin in Japanese movies? 

And do you have some informations about Fumya Tanaka, a well-known Japanese
DJ who plays also in the film?

Thank you for every bit of information

Best regards

Roger Fischer


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