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Sun Aug 2 12:57:18 EDT 1998

I just want to add a question.

The kogaru's are sometimes also named kogal's or ko-gals as for example in
the film "Bounce Ko Gals" by director Masato Harada. Naturally it is easier
to go from girl to gal, but Japanese does normally not know the "l" and has
to use the "r" plus a vowel. How does it come that there is kogal and
kogaru? Is there a hidden signification in the use of the "L" instead of
the "RU"? Or is it an english version of kogaru? And what term is more
often used?

Thank you for your answers

Roger Fischer

P.S.: On
I found a story about Hinano Yoshikawa and about the ko-gals (sic!).

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