2 Kato Tai films

Roberta Novielli novielli at unive.it
Mon Dec 14 06:09:50 EST 1998

>So you have to go somewhere else, to find some more informations. But the
>short descriptions that you find about such unknown films are extremely
>vague (eg. the film descriptions in the Locarno Film Festival catalogue,
>the web page of the American Cinematheque) and I think we should have at
>least something comparable to the «Sight and Sound»-film descriptions on
>the net.

A similar retrospective was held in Turin last Winter. It was also published
a short booklet on Kato Tai, "Il cinema di Kato Tai", ed. by Yamane Sadao
and Hasumi Shigehiko, 15 Festival Internazionale Cinema Giovani, 1997, in
Italian, including the complete filmography of Kato's works and some short
essays by Yamane Sadao, Kato Tai, Hasumi Shigehiko and Ueno Koshi. If you
can read Italian, there's another interesting reference to Kato Tai (three
chapters!) in "Schermi giapponesi. La tradizione e il genere", Venezia,
Marsilio Editore, 1984.

I hope it helps.


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