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Marie_Suzuki at jpf.go.jp Marie_Suzuki at jpf.go.jp
Fri Dec 18 02:07:07 EST 1998

I'm one of the "quite few Japanese" usually remaining silent on the list!
I've enjoyed the discussion on censorship leading to the topic of sexuality
in Japan.  However, it is difficult for me to participate, not only because
of the language but because it is difficult to talk about society where
you're brought up in.  You don't really know if something you feel is
common/general or unique.

Aaron wrote:
>I do think this urges us to see a web of sexual attitudes in Japan more
>complex than seemingly liberalized "guilt-free" feelings.

Personally, I've always felt curious why Japanese and/or other Asian
(mostly Chinese?) are said to be guilt-free and have much more healthier
view/attitude on sexuality.  Some say Asians are under influence of Taoism,
that gives us more natural, relaxed style.  I've never had the opportunity
believe this true to modern Japan.  I cannot give you any evidence here,
People I know seem to be so curious about sexuality, obsessed by it,
worried about it and sometimes feel threatened by it.

More comments?

Marie Suzuki

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