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Aaron Gerow gerow
Fri Dec 18 01:43:49 EST 1998

>I often feel that it is unfortunate that there is not more of a Japanese
>presence on this list, as the rest of us begin to sound either like
>voyeurs, tourists or academics.  Am I the only one who feels this way?

There are quite a number of Japanese subscribers to KineJapan, though as 
Shelly laments, not always a lot of postings from them.  It would be nice 
to see more of a presence, but not necessarily because "the Japanese 
point of view" is needed.  It's just nice to have discussion from a 
broad-based group of people.

That's why we originally set up KineJapan as a discussion list welcoming 
messages in a variety of languages.  Not everyone can read them, but it 
is better to have someone speak their mind in their native tongue than 
have them decide to remain silent because they're not confident about 
their English.  

We actually had some messages in Japanese right at the beginning, but 
when some subscribers complained about not being able to receive Japanese 
messages on their system, those messages soon died out.  I think that's a 

So do feel free to send in messages in Japanese.  Only, as a matter of 
courtesy, do not use Japanese in the subject heading and always note in 
the subject (either with a (J) or a (E+J) if you are using Japanese or a 
mix of Japanese and English).


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