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Tue Dec 22 13:27:43 EST 1998

    There are few good English-language sources for buying Japanese videos.
Two websites  with a fairly large selection of Japanese videos are
"" and "".  In addition you can
special order videos from Japanese bookstores such as Kinokuniya.  For
hard-to-find Japanese videos, the best English-language source I've found  is
applet company "".  Although they specialize mainly in
movie posters, if you ask them, they can search for Japanese videos in Japan.
They have even been able locate some Japanese videos for me that are no longer
being distributed (such as Ashizuri Misaki).  I hope this helps you out.

Howard Frye

Lang Thompson wrote:

> Does anybody know of a good English-language source for videos made in
> Japan, preferably one with a website?  Or even better a US importer?  I'm
> not only interested in the actual Japanese films but also the European
> films that have been released in Japan on videotape (such as Straub-Huillet
> and others).
> Best, LT
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> Lang Thompson
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> casts of all the antiquities that had been
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