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Birgit Kellner kellner
Wed Dec 16 09:18:53 EST 1998

John Dougill wrote:
> You might be even more dumbfounded to learn that The Crying Game - whose
> whole effect is centred upon one dramatic moment when full frontal nudity
> reveals the girl to be a man - was also subjected to a major fuzzy going
> over in the vital area, thus nullifying not only that particular scene but
> the whole thrust of the movie, so to speak.
By contrast, I recall seeing Robert Altman's "Short Cuts" in a Japanese
cinema. The film contains a scene in which a wife and a husband (the
names of the characters as well as of the actress who plays the wife
escape me; the husband is played by Matthew Modine) have an argument.
She pours wine over her skirt, takes it off and cleans it (she does not
wear any underwear). While doing so, the argument continues, and there
is quite lengthy shot during which she stands in the middle of the room,
continuing the argument, and in frontal nudity, just wearing a blouse.
No fuzzy at all. 

birgit kellner
department for indian philosophy
hiroshima university

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