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Dear Todd,

Yes, well ... we did have an agreed upon deal up to last week on After Life.
It was approved by Mr. Kore-eda, his wonderful producer, and TV Man Union and
we already had an opening at Film Forum starting in May -- and then the
producer's rep changed the deal so completely and arrogantly that it was
impossible to distribute the film. 

We love After Life, we think Koreeda-san is one of the most important
directors in Japan today, and wish him and everyone at TV Man Union the best.
Sandy Zeig of Artistic License is an old friend, she did distribute those
films Todd mentions, and is a good distributor.

As for his documentaries, you can contact TV Man Union directly.

Milestone Film & Video

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<<This last sentence is good news indeed as "After Life" was my favorite film

from this year's Toronto International Film Festival. I don't know much about

the distributor, Artistic License, but I believe they also handled the US

theatrical distribution of Fridrik Thor Fridriksson's equally wonderful "Cold

Fever" with Masatoshi Nagase. I'm surprised the film took this long to get

picked up in the US and I'm equally surprised this film wasn't snapped up by

Milestone after their excellent handling of Kore-Eda's "Mabarosi." Has "After

Life" been released yet in Japan and if so, what has the response been?

Onto a general question... I saw a documentary by Kore-Eda this past February

called "Without Memory" that was also excellent. I'd be interested in seeing

this again as well as other documentaries by Kore-Eda. Does anyone know of a

source to find English-subtitled copies of these films or just want to comment

on the docs in general? How many documentaries has Kore-Eda done?

Thanks, Todd

tkbowman at aol.com>>

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