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Fri Dec 18 11:55:11 EST 1998

From: Mark Schilling
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> Subject: Re: kichiku
> Date: Friday, December 18, 1998 
I saw Kichiku Dai Enkai at Eurospace and reviewed it for the Japan Times.
There was no doctor on duty and no one at the door checking ID. I watched
certain scenes through my fingers and, as I mentioned in my review, I felt
like taking a mental shower afterwards. Most of the crowd -- mainly young
art school types -- looked, to these eyes, bizarrely unimpressed after the
lights went up -- as though they had spent the past two hours watching a
Woody Allen movie instead of scenes of torture, butchery and blood lust. A
generational difference perhaps?

I didn't notice any bokashi, however -- there were no pubic hairs on the
screen threatening public morals.  

Mark Schilling 

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