Cavanaugh, Carole cavanaug
Tue Dec 22 06:57:12 EST 1998

Hear! Hear! Thanks for this excellent suggestion.
--Carole Cavanaugh

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> Subject: 	Re: Japanese
> I wonder why most people who think that they are cinephiles of  Japanese
> movies do not use Japanese here in KineJapan.  It would be quite natural
> that whoever really loves Japanese movies tries to learn Japanese.  Why
> don't they practice it here in KineJapan, before complaining about how few
> Japanese members are on the list?  That would make it much easier for
> possible Japanese members to participate in KineJapan.  Those who really
> want it will be able to get a Japanese browser.
> PS
> I know that English is the most convenient language to communicate on the
> mailing list.  But still if you really and seriously want to discuss
> Japanese movies with more Japanese participants, sometimes you need to do
> it in Japanese.

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