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Nagato was indeed prolific: the Japanese movie database lists almost 200
films! I don't know much about Nagato's career before he joined Nikkatsu in
1955 but perhaps I can satisfy some of Arnault's interest. His first
incarnation at Nikkatsu was as a "taiyo boy" like Kawaguchi Hiroshi at
Daiei. He starred in Taiyo no kisetsu (the sister picture to Kurutta
kajitsu, mentioned in Donald Richie's review of Stephen Cremin's book and
on the list recently) but was superseded by Ishihara Yujiro. He played
second fiddle to Yujiro in films such as Washi to taka and Nikui
anchikusho. He said in an interview that he appeared in those Imamura films
(Nusumareta yokujo, Hateshi naki yokubo, Nianchan)  made in the "shakaibu"
because he couldn't get the action film roles he wanted. If you like
Nagato's performances, perhaps you might also enjoy those of his younger
brother, Tsugawa Masahiko, who many regard as the more effective performer.
I guess Tsugawa's latest role was Pride -- I saw that it was one of the top
10 films last year but haven't read any criticism on the film. How was it


At 10:25 AM 12/21/98 PST, you wrote:
>Nagato Hiroyuki's filmography exactly as it appears in volume two of 
>The Asian Film Library Reference to Japanese Film 1998.  The index 
>indicates his date of birth as 1934.  All but three of the titles are 
>cross-referenced in volume one: which gives kanji, romaji with long 
>vowels indicated, length in minutes, cast & staff info, etc.
>NAGATO Hiroyuki
>1943	The Rikisha Man (Muho Matsu no Issho)
>1958	Stolen Desire (Nusumareta Yokujo)
>1958	Endless Desire (Hateshi Naki Yokubo)
>1959	My Second Brother (Nianchan)
>1959	The Age of Our Own (Warera no Jidai)
>1960 The Wanted Ones (Kyonetsu no Kisetsu)
>1961	Pigs and Battleships (Buta to Gunkan)
>1962	The Broken Commandment (Hakai)
>1962	Akitsu Spa (Akitsu Onsen)
>1962	Body (Ratai)
>1963	Twin Sisters of Kyoto (Koto)
>1963	The Insect Woman (Nippon Konchuki)
>1963	Young Swordsman (Hiken)
>1963	Madame Aki (Yushu Heiya)
>1964	Twilight Path (Daikon to Ninjin)
>1966	Silence Has No Wings (Tobenai Chinmoku)
>1969	Red Peony Gambler: Succeeding the Second (Hibotan Bakuto: Nidaime 
>1970	Appointment with Danger (Onna no Keisatsu: Kokusaisen 
>1972	Red Peony Gambler: On the Eternal Just Path (Hibotan Bakuto: 
>Jingi Toshimasu)
>1974	Virgin Blues (Virgin Blues)
>1978	Bandits vs Samurai Squad (Kumokiri Nizaemon)
>1979	Glass Rabbit (Tokyo Daikushu: Glass no Usagi)
>1981	Imperial Navy (Rengo Kantai)
>1981	Things that Teachers Can Do (Kyoiku wa Shinazu)
>1983	Home Village (Furusato)
>1987	Girl Cops (Sukeban Deka)
>1987	A Story of the Dog Hachi (Hachiko Monogatari)
>1990	Yellow Fang (Remains: Utsukushiki Yushatachi)
>1990	Roningai (Roningai)
>1992	Oil-Hell Murder (Onna Goroshi Abura Jigoku)
>1992	Faraway Sunset (Toki Rakujitsu)
>1993	Yearning (Yume no Onna)
>1995	Les Belles Endormis (Nemureru Bijo)
>1997	Kagero 3 (Kagero 3)
>1997	A Story of Modern Chivalry (Gendai Ninkyoden)
>Admittedly, far from comprehensive, partly because the work is 
>restricted to titles with an official English title in this edition of 
>the work and partly because he's so damn prolific in small roles.  
>Last year he also acted in OL Chushingura and Naniwa Chushingura.  For 
>the record, he was born Kato Akio in Kyoto on 10 January 1934.
>For a comprehensive filmography, wait for the next major revision in 
>200x.  But as long as I'm not overwhelmed with requests, I can prepare 
>more extensive filmographies for KineJapan subscribers who have 
>purchased the book and need background on a specific person for their 
>academic work.
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