Le monde des vieillards seniles /HANEDA Sumiko

Ono Seiko and Aaron Gerow onogerow
Tue Dec 22 09:24:22 EST 1998

Anne wrote:

>Given the
>recent demise of Iwanami Productions, and from what I could tell the
>possibility of some films going missing, it might be a good chance to
>see some of her stuff, which as far as I  know, is rarely screened. 
>Maybe people who have been around Yamagata might have a better idea of
>what's going on with her project, or its more general place within

This wasn't clear in Anne's message, but just to get the record straight: 
Haneda has not been working at Iwanami for quite a number of years and 
most of her recent films (including the once cited here) have been 
produced with Kudo Mitsuru at Jiyu Kobo (an interview with Kudo is in 
_Documentary Box_ on the YIDFF web site).  There is concern, of course, 
about what will happen to her early Iwanami work, but as long as Jiyu 
Kobo is going strong, her recent stuff is in no trouble.

Aaron Gerow

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