Nagato Hiroyuki filmography

Ono Seiko and Aaron Gerow onogerow at
Tue Dec 22 09:24:46 EST 1998

I do want to add that Nagato is part of the "royal family" (I guess you 
could call it) of Japanese cinema.  His grandfather was Makino Shozo, the 
"father" of Japanese cinema; his mother Makino Tomoko (an actress); his 
father Sawamura Kunitaro (an actor: he's the Tono-sama in Yamanaka's 
_Tange Sazen Hyakuman Ryo no Tsubo_); his uncle on his mother's side 
Makino Masahiro (the great director); his uncle on his father's side Kato 
Daisuke (from so many Kurosawa films).  Nagato's wife is the prolific 
actress Minamida Yoko.  The Makino family continues today, of course, 
with the Makino in Okinawa who's given birth (figuratively) to Amuro, 
Speed, Max and a bunch of other girl groups and singers.

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