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David Desser d-desser at
Mon Apr 5 10:20:55 EDT 1999

>I was wondering if anyone is aware of/ has an opinion on a journal 
>called _Asian Cinema_ (I think its edited by John Lent).  If anyone has 
>any feedback concerning its quality, etc, I'd appreciate it.
>                                                     John Pusateri
It is the official publication of the Asian Cinema Studies Association, an
organization formed almost 20 years ago to foster increased study of an
appreciation for Asian Cinema.  

As for the journal, while it has improved its quality and appearance under
the editorship of John Lent, it does not possess any of the academic status
of more established journals.  A number of interesting people have written
for it and a large number of useful essays have appeared in it.  I
recommend it, unless you are seeking publication to count toward tenure or
the like.

Unfortunately, John Lent does not have e-mail.  He can be reached at Temple

David Desser

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