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Do you have the adress of the Temple University ?

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David Desser wrote:
> >I was wondering if anyone is aware of/ has an opinion on a journal
> >called _Asian Cinema_ (I think its edited by John Lent).  If anyone has
> >any feedback concerning its quality, etc, I'd appreciate it.
> >                                                     John Pusateri
> It is the official publication of the Asian Cinema Studies Association, an
> organization formed almost 20 years ago to foster increased study of an
> appreciation for Asian Cinema.
> As for the journal, while it has improved its quality and appearance under
> the editorship of John Lent, it does not possess any of the academic status
> of more established journals.  A number of interesting people have written
> for it and a large number of useful essays have appeared in it.  I
> recommend it, unless you are seeking publication to count toward tenure or
> the like.
> Unfortunately, John Lent does not have e-mail.  He can be reached at Temple
> University.
> David Desser
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