Inflatable Sex Dolls

Ono Seiko and Aaron Gerow onogerow
Sat Apr 3 07:17:12 EST 1999

>I thought "Inflatable Sex Dolls of the Wasteland" / "Koya No Dacchi Waifu"
>from 1967 was a Seijun Suzuki film but don't find it listed in any
>filmography or even that it matches anything close to a film of his.  Now I
>can't remember where I got this impression and since I haven't seen the
>film yet I can't supply any other info.  Can anybody shed light on this?
The confusion probably stems from the fact the film was directed by 
Yamatoya Atsushi, who worked with Seijun on the script of _Koroshi no 
rakuin_ and other films.  This classic pink film has been put out on 
video by Waizu Shuppan, which also issued a couple of books on and or by 
Yamatoya when he died a couple years ago.

Aaron Gerow

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