(In search of) Presurrender films

Ono Seiko and Aaron Gerow onogerow
Sat Apr 3 07:17:30 EST 1999

Kerry Smith wrote,

>For the past several months I've been looking haphazardly in and around
>Tokyo for a handful of presurrender/wartime films,  with mixed results.
>Finding Rikugun,  for example,  was easy enough, but others have been more
>problematic. I finally got around to asking Toho Tsuhan Service/Kinema Club
>to send a catalog (thanks to those on the list who mentioned this source a
>while back) but in the interim I wonder if anyone has had luck obtaining
>copies of, for example,  Nishizumi senshachoden (1940),  or Chokoreto to
>heitai (1938, Toei),  and if so,  from where?

Just a reminder for Kerry and others that one of the best collections of 
viewable prewar films is in the US Library of Congress.  While still 
problematic (errors in the catalog, reels out of order, etc.), it is 
readily viewable on film for free.  I believe both films are in the 
collection.  _Chokoreto to heitai_ is not Toei, by the way, since Toei 
was founded after the war.  It was a Toho film.

Aaron Gerow

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