Definition of Anime

Don Brown, Communicado don
Thu Apr 22 19:00:36 EDT 1999

I mostly agree with what B Dunn was tring to say - whatever fries your burger really.  Although I haven't been privy to a lot of different kinds of Japanese animation, I'm sure Anime is a good catch all phrase.  You could argue about sub-categories and time frames, but outside of these circles I would be happy to hear people just getting it half right. What I'm referring to is the effect Island subsidiary Manga Films have had, in New Zealand definitely and possibly Australia and England too, whereupon releasing Japanese animation into the mainstream video rental and retail market under their "Manga" label has led to Japanese animation being referred to as "manga". 
 Of course people who know their stuff will get it right and can argue about delineation and categorisation until their head explodes, but I believe it's more important to spread the CORRECT word amongst the great unwashed masses, god bless 'em.  Keep it simple. I'm sure the Japanese themselves get the first naming rights anyway.
  Changing the subject quickly, soes anyone know anything about a French film called Tokyo Eyes?  I saw a brief listing for it in a French cinema magazine - French director, a couple of young Japanese lead actors and that's about all I know.  Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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