Eizogaku 63 (E+J)

Ono Seiko and Aaron Gerow onogerow
Wed Dec 8 03:34:45 EST 1999

The most recent issue of _Eizogaku_ (ISSN 0266-0279), the journal of the 
Japan Society of Image Arts and Sciences, has come out with the following 
contents (all articles are in Japanese with English, French or German 

Japanese Cinema and Totalitarianism: On Tsumura Hideo's Film Critiques
     (Hase Masato)

The Politics of the Film Production Process: An Analysis of _Kurama 
Tengu_ Using Non-Film Materials
     (Itakura Fumiaki)

The Wartime Hollywood Musicals: Escapism or Propaganda
     (Sasagawa Keiko)

Le caractere de le cinema chez Etienne Souriau
     (Katayama Manabu)

Body Theories of McLuhan
     (Shibata Takashi)

Takahata Isao, _12th Century Japanese Animation_

Nakajima Sadao, _Four Days of Cinema_

Iwamoto Kenji, et al., _Theories of Film, 1, 2_

Nancy Shawcross, _Roland Barthes on Photography_

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?Nancy Shawcross, _Roland Barthes on Photography_

Aaron Gerow
Yokohama National University

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