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Just a further question - 
So is Toyokawa Etsushi the long haired bandit character or the girl?
Or is the girl Yuki Amami?
Sorry, I haven't worked out the genders of Japanese names work yet!

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		"MISTY" mentioned by Jasper has the same title in Japanese.
(Decide for 
		yourself from the poster/titles whether the official title
is katakana or 
		roman alphabet.)  Its a 1997 production by Amuse and
Nikkatsu, I think 
		locally distributed by Gaga Communications.  To my knowledge
		Saegusa Kenki didn't work again in feature film.  At the
time, even within 
		Japan, it was best noted for its glossy cinematography by
Shinoda Noboru, 
		Iwai's regular DP, and for Heya Kyoko's production design.
Aren't Amuse 
		primarily a talent agency packaging the likes of Tomita
Yasuko in "The 
		Christ of Nanking" and "Kitchen" anyway?  (I get confused
over the 
		connection with Amuse Video, for example, who seem to be
		"Shiri" with Cine Qua Non.)  For the record, script was by
Inoue Yumiko and 
		music by Saegusa Shigeaki.  It was always acknowledged as an
		Ryunosuke adaptation.  I haven't seen the film and must pick
up a subtitled 
		HK VCD soon ... I'm quite fond of Toyokawa Etsushi, but
guessing that the 
		film is bloody awful too.

		PS: "Flowers of Shanghai", officially a Japanese production,
has come out on 
		DVD in Hong Kong with English subtitles ALLEGEDLY.  Same
goes for "Hypnosis" 
		(Saimin).  VCDs of both only have Chinese subtitles.

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