Joseph Murphy jmurphy
Wed Dec 8 11:47:12 EST 1999

I forward this announcement for an Asia-related media services site from
the H-Japan discussion list.  At first glance it looks like a very useful,
well-organized site.

The searches are broken down by region and media type.  Under "East
Asia/Japan/feature film on subtitled video" I came up with 191 entries.
Clicking on the list, I was only able to view 50 or so.  Each entry has an
abstract of the film, all the basic information and usually price and a
link to a site where you can buy it (facets, etc.).  They also solicit
reviews from site visitors.  According to the coordinator, Sarah Barbour,
they recently downloaded a large amount of information and are still
working out the bugs.


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>Subject: Self-introduction/AEMS
>My name is Sarah Barbour.  I was recently appointed Program Coordinator of
>the Asian Educational Media Service (AEMS) at the University of Illinois,
>Urbana-Champaign. (I replaced Rebecca Payne whom some of you may have
>contacted in the past.)
>AEMS' purpose is to promote the use of audiovisual material in Asia-related
>education.  We maintain a database on the Web of relevant English-language
>documentaries, CD-ROMs, feature films, and curriculum units.  The Web site
>includes prices, distributor information, and reviews of some items as well
>as general information about the service and some useful links.  We
>encourage users of the site to submit their own reviews to share their
>opinions on particular media. We also publish a bi-annual newsletter of
>reviews and essays and offer a K-12 Resource Guide at no charge.
>Please call or e-mail if you need help tracking down a particular item,
>would like to be on our mailing list, or are looking for material relevant
>to the classes and subjects you teach. Please let me know about items that
>aren't in the database but should be.  I welcome your comments and
>Thank you.
>Sarah I. Barbour, Program Coordinator
>Asian Educational Media Service
>805 West Pennsylvania Street
>Urbana, IL 61801
>Tel:  888-828-AEMS (2367)
>Fax:  217-265-0641
>E-mail: aems at

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