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Aaron Gerow gerow at ynu.ac.jp
Wed Dec 8 20:54:36 EST 1999

Yomota Inuhiko's _Nihon eiga no radikaruna ishi_ about recent Japanese 
film directors has been published.  The publication details are as 

Yomota Inuhiko.  _Nihon eiga no radikaruna ishi_. (Tokyo: Iwanami Shoten, 
1999).  ISBN400001756X.  3000 yen.


The book is basically a complilation of his essays in _Sekai_, but he has 
added a long introductory essay and a few new directors for the book.  
The selection of director's reflects Yomota's concerns:

Kitano Takeshi
Ishii Sogo
Tsukamoto Shinya
Takamine Go
Sai Yoichi
Yamamoto Masashi
Sakamoto Junji
Kurosawa Kiyoshi
Suo Masayuki
Oshii Mamoru
Zeze Takehisa
Ichikawa Jun
Bando Tamasaburo
Hara Kazuo
Hara Masato
Watanabe Fumiki
Sento (Kawase) Naomi

There is a small section in the back with very short intros on directors 
he missed, but in some (like for Iwai Shunji) he makes it clear why he 
didn't write on them.  The above list also reveals only one name of a 
director who debuted in the last 5 years.  Almost all debuted in the 
1980s or earlier, so one can get the feeling this is not really a book 
about nineties cinema.  Still, its in-depth auteurist analyses of the 
oevres of each director is quite impressive, making this long book (at 
nearly 500 pages) one of the essential books for understanding 
contemporary Japanese film.

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