Japanese vs American cultural influence in Asia

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Fri Dec 10 13:11:15 EST 1999

Forgive the meandering nature of this thread!

"All types of culture converge into television from the 1980s. Visual images 
without being televised started to weaken from then."

Above is quotation from the co-curator of "Visual Culture - Turnover of the 
Century" an exhibition at Sungkok Art Museum (Seoul?) presenting the 
development of the visual image in Korean culture since 1950.  The 
exhibition runs until 26 January 2000.  In addition to photographs, 
advertisements, modern art, etc, the exhibition also recreates a school 
classroom, a music cafe and a comic book store.  Recordings of old 
television programmes will also be presented.

I don't know whether film is explicitly covered, but it seems a unique 
opportunity to draw parallels with the development of the visual image in 
Japanese culture over recent decades.  It does certainly cover computer 
games, techno music imagery, animation, internet, and multi-media art so its 
a shame if a film season isn't running parallel to this exhibition.  (Its 
practically impossible to see old Korean films domestically without access 
to the Korean Film Archive.)  Back in 1996, I think, the Hong Kong 
International Film Festival recreated a 1960s coffee bar as part of an 
exhibition to run parallel to their "Cantonese Stars of the 60s" 
retrospective.  This Korean exhibition sounds even more ambitious and much 
more on the ball than the "Visions of Japan" exhibition held in the UK in 

Futher information on the exhibition can be found on the culture section of 
the Korea Herald website.  That's where I read about it.  Perhaps directly 

Sungkok Art Museum has a Korean language website at:

Stephen Cremin

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