Godzilla 2000 events/news

Abe' Mark Nornes amnornes
Sat Dec 11 23:29:12 EST 1999


Godzilla has been the subject of a NY Times article and a CNN story
recently. Here are the links:
http://cnn.com/ASIANOW/entertainment/9911/18/japan.godzilla/ and

Toho updated their website this week with new screensavers and
wallpaper for Windows. I have the new files at Monster Zero due to
slowdowns at the Toho site here:
2  Also included is a sound a file of Godzilla and Orga's roar.

This weekend marks the opening of Godzilla 2000 Millennium in Japan.

Thanks to the Internet, we`ll be celebrating
Godzilla`s latest movie on Saturday, Dec. 11 like
never before! The "virtual convention" venue in
observance of the Big G`s upcoming cinematic
return will be at the G PROJECT

The "doors" haven`t opened yet but check back often as new "programs"
are added. This celebration wouldn`t be possible without the many web-
based "shrines" dedicated to the King of the Monsters originating from
around the world. Even after G2K:VC THE VIRTUAL CON has
closed, this "cyber venue" will remain open for all kaiju fans to explore
and discover.

There will be chat sessions as well as "Exhibits" of collectibles and many
other things. The "Library" will provide links and new material for the more
scholarly inclined kaijuologist.

Again, the address is http://www.gojiworld.org/gproject/g2k-vc/ So show
up and support the return of Godzilla!

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