Korean-Japanese co-productions

Bill Thompson SISWT
Mon Dec 13 11:44:00 EST 1999

I have several basic questions about two Japanese-Korean

I believe that Kazoku Cinema opened relatively recently.  Was there
much response to this film in Japan?  Do any KineJapanners
have any reviews they could post?

Also, would anyone be able to identify the following film (I believe
it was made within the past five years) and its director,
and possibly supply additional information such as response in
Japan or Korea.  Its Korean title
(something like Mu Na Mun Jae Guk) roughly translates as A Far Far
Away Country.  At its beginning a successful Pusan businessman
welcomes a friend of Korean descent visiting from Japan.  He
learns that the old mining area in Japan where he was forced to work
during the war, including the surrounding hills
and graves of his co-workers, will be demolished shortly
as part of a new construction project.  After finding out
that he has a terminal disease, the old businessman decides to
travel to Japan, his first such visit in fifty years.  His
experiences are then related through a series of flashbacks:
the bitter treatment of the Korean workers in Japan
including himself; escape from the camp and
murder of a sadistic guard in the process;
life in Kyushu and eventual marriage to a Japanese woman;
and his return to Korea where his wife now encounters prejudice.
Returning to the present and the trip to Japan,
we see his concern for the graves of his friends and
evenutal confrontation with Yamamoto Sanji, the former mining camp
head mining camp who is now the local politician promoting
the new construction project effort.

Bill Thompson

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