Korean-Japanese co-productions

Mark Schilling schill
Mon Dec 13 20:18:03 EST 1999

Bill Thompson asked about a Japanese/Korean film whose Korean title
translates as A Far Far Away Country. The correct title is Mitabi no Kaikyo
(Three Trips Across the Strait), a 1995 film that was filmed partly on
location in Korea. Directed by Koyama Seijiro, it starred Mikuni Rentaro,
Lee Jong Ho, Nagashima Toshiyuki and Minamino Yoko. 

The producers had hopes that it might be the first Japanese film to be
screened theatrically in Korea, but official resistance to Japanese
cultural imports was still strong at the time and it was not to be. 

I will send my Japan Times review of the film to those who are interested.

Mark Schilling 

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