Grovelling for Help, and Introduction

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Thu Dec 16 04:13:29 EST 1999


Honestly, the only place that you will probably find the tape is through
grey market video places like Video Search of Miami, plus it will most
likely have English subtitles. Don't always advocate what they do, but they
can be a saving grace to international cinema fans often at the mercy of a
market dominated by major studios and distrib companies. It would be nice
for people to be able to get something other than Kurowsawa, Itami or Shall
We Dance in North American video stores.

Colin Geddes

>>Anna Caggiano's plea for help has inspired me to do my holiday mitzvah. I
>>called Shochiku, the distrbutor, and they put me in touch with Kaigai Kigyo
>>Service Center, who can fill the order for an East Meets West video. I can
>>either fax the order form they sent me, or you can contact them by phone
>>(81-3-5405-4421), fax (81-3-5405-4423) or e-mail (kodawari at
>Do be forewarned, however, that Shochiku lists the film on their web site
>for a price of 16000 yen, or about 170 dollars.
>Make sure to confirm the price before ordering.
>Aaron Gerow

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