Opposition to Ofuna sale

Aaron Gerow gerow
Fri Dec 17 02:01:03 EST 1999

Responding to a call by the Shochiku labor union, nearly ninety stars, 
screenwriters and directors, including Nishida Toshiyuki, Nakai Kiichi, 
Nezu Jinpachi, and Shindo Kaneto, have written messages opposing the sale 
of Shochiku's historic Ofuna studios to Kamakura Joshi Daigaku.  The sale 
for 10.8 billion yen was announced at the end of October, but the 
contract was not supposed to be signed on the 17th of this month (today). 
Thirty-six union members, including director Motogi Katsuei, have also 
passed out leaflets opposing the sale in front of the Kabuki-za (owned by 
Shochiku) and three other locations. 

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