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The University of California, Davis, is pleased to announce its new
graduate program in Cultural Studies.  Applications are now being taken for
fall 2000 admission.

The graduate program in Cultural Studies at UC Davis emphasizes an
interdisciplinary approach to cultural inquiry that includes analyses of
intersecting categories such as class, gender, race, ethnicity, sexuality,
nationality, and the like.  The program involves more than 60 faculty
members.  Some work within traditional disciplines in the humanities,
social sciences, and agricultural and environmental sciences and come from
departments such as anthropology, comparative literature, English, theatre
and dance, language and literature programs, sociology, and textiles and
clothing.  Some faculty work within interdisciplinary programs such as
African American and African studies, American studies, Asian American
studies, Chicana/Chicano studies, critical theory, environmental design,
human and community development, Native American studies, religious
studies, science and society, and women and gender studies.  Students
entering the program will use and develop methodologies from many fields to
suit their objects of

Students may pursue research in the following emphasis areas: 1) gender
(including masculinity studies), 2) sexualities, 3) comparative race
studies, 4) media and popular cultural representation, 5) science and
society, 6) transnational and global studies, 7) religions, communities,
and politics, and  8) rhetoric and critical theory.  With the close
guidance and supervision of a faculty committee, students may also create
unique areas of emphasis.

Members of the Executive Committee for the Cultural Studies Program are:
Sue-Ellen Case, theatre and dance; Angie Chabram-Dernersesian,
Chicana/Chicano studies; John R. Hall, sociology; Susan Kaiser, textiles
and clothing and women and gender studies; Dean MacCannell, environmental
design; Linda Morris, English; Judith Newton, women and gender studies;
Kent Ono, American studies and Asian American studies; Michele Praeger,
French and Italian; and Roger Rouse, anthropology.

If you would like to read our graduate proposal, which was published in the
scholarly journal Cultural Studies, please find the following citation:

Newton, Judith, Susan Kaiser, and Kent A. Ono. (1998). "Proposal for an MA
and PhD Programme in Cultural Studies at UC Davis." Cultural Studies, 12
(4): 546-570.

Information about the program is available on our Graduate Studies Website:

Information about the UC Davis on-line graduate application is available at:

Information and application materials for fellowships and scholarships is
available at:  The deadline for
fellowship and scholarship applications is January 15, 2000.

In addition to the standard UC Davis graduate application (which requires a
statement of purpose), we also require three letters of recommendation
(forms available on the Web at:, transcripts, GRE
scores, a 10 page (minimum) writing sample, and a 250 word statement
explaining the applicant's interest in pursuing a degree in
Cultural Studies.  Applications are to be received by January 15, 2000.


Stella Mancillas, Principal Staff Person
Cultural Studies Program
scmancillas at
(530) 754-7683


Kent A. Ono, Director
Cultural Studies Program
kaono at
(530) 752-4901

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