Hitaro"Sessue" Hayakawa

Sybil Thornton sybil.thornton
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I read a biography/autobiography years ago.  He is descended from the
Hayakawa daimyo.  He was scheduled to go to the naval academy, but broke
his eardrum(s) in a dive.  He subsequently tried to commit suicide (30 odd
puncture wounds to the abdomen) and was sent to the US for his education.
A very important actor who brought traditional Japanese acting techniques
into cinema, especially France, which later became standard narrative
David Lewis wrote:

> Hi,
> A friend of mine asked for confirmation that
> Hitaro"Sessue" Hayakawa is of noble origin.
> Would anybody have references to suggest on this?
> He found it mentionned in Katz'  Film Encyclopaedia,
> but would like other sources, and if possible have more details on his
> life.
> Thanks
> David Lewis
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