Hani Susumu question

Colin Geddes cgeddes at interlog.com
Thu Jan 21 13:42:55 EST 1999

Sorry Lisa,

Not to aware of any of Hani's films. You might want to put a posting on the
KineJapan list, but you might get lots of academia gobbledy-gook back in
response! Thanks for the Doyle info. SOunds like a handful, but then also
sounds like a guy who just loves his work and hates getting caught up in
artistic pretensions. That I respect.
Talk to you later

>Cinematheque Ontario will be showing a series of Hani films shown
>recently at the Telluride Film Festival. Can anyone offer suggestions or
>opinions on these films?
>Inferno of First Love (1968)
>She and He (1963)
>Bad Boys (1961)
>Children in a Classroom (1955)
>Children Hand in Hand (1963)
>Children Who Draw (1956)
>A Full Life (1962)
>Thanks in advance
>Lisa in Toronto
>Lisa Roosen-Runge
>lrr at discovery.ca

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