Japanese experimental films available to Programmers

Clemente Carlos carlos2u
Thu Jan 21 12:11:24 EST 1999

I would be interested in being a part of your EIGA ARTS mailing list.

I still investigating on how to setup showings of Japanese
films. I would love to have access to Japanese Experimental
films. It is very hard to get any Contemporary Japanese films
here in South Florida (West Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Miami area).
I think I might have a location but I would have to put
a proposal together and sell to the organization where
I want to show these films. If you have a proposal template
It would be extremely helpful to me. Thanks Again Joss.

Dewa Mata

carlos2u at yahoo.com

---Joss Winn <edq39077 at saga-ed.go.jp> wrote:
> Dear KineJapan members,
> I have recently been sent about 40 preview tapes (often with several
> on each tape) of recent Japanese experimental films.  Onishi Kenji, a
> filmmaker I was introduced to over the New Year break, has been
running a
> regular venue in Tokyo for three years, called CINEMA TRAIN and also
> as an informal distributor for many of the films he shows (some of
you know
> this already-sorry).  Kenji is often invited to show his films at
> here in Japan and is keen to have his work shown outside of Japan
> (Millenium did show something a couple of years back-if anyone can
tell me
> more about those screenings I'd be grateful) .  Besides Kenji's own
> (of which there are over 100 on 8mm and 16mm), he also sent many other
> films by Japanese artists.
> Due to having started EIGA ARTS, several programmers from the States
> contacted me asking for Japanese entries to their festivals and guest
> programme's curated but until now, I was waiting in anticipation of
> receiving work for EIGA ARTS which I could recommend.  I imagined a
> stream of work through my letter box and not two large parcels at my
> but for putting programmes together, having so much to preview
together is
> certainly a bonus.
> So far I have watched about ten hours of films, mostly Super 8mm. 
There is
> a lot of 16mm work too.  The films are as challenging and
stimulating as I
> had hoped for.  So, in collaboration with Onishi-san (I consider
> merely the ecstatic middle-man, I would be happy to try to advise
> interested in showing Japanese experimental films.  Once I have  some
> requests, I will get in touch with him again and ask about
availability of
> prints, prices (in my experience next to nothing) and a way to
organise the
> distribution.  If any programmers have anything specific in mind,
> feel free to ask.
> I hope no-one is sick of my recent posts concerning the Japanese
> experimental scene. I know there are others on this list who know
much more
> than I do and I'm sure my naivity shines through, but I am learning.
If you
> would prefer, I could create an EIGA ARTS mailing list.  Please
contact me
> to be put on that list. And if anyone can add any more to my rather
> posts concerning the experimental scene here (which does seem to be
> active), I'd be very interested.
> Thanks to CINEMA TRAIN's generosity, I am pleased to say that
providing a
> few people show up every month, EIGA ARTS is now set to run for some
> showing a mixture of foreign and Japanese experimental film an
video.  All
> submissions welcome.
> Finally, if anyone is interested in
> film, may I suggest you subscribe to the FRAMEWORKS discussion list
> can be found at <http://www.sirius.com/~sstark>.  It is very active
> includes a few hundred artists, programmers, reviewers and scholars
> from the USA and Europe.  I know people on that list are very
interested in
> learning about the  Japanese scene and it gets lonely being the only
> in Japan writing to it....!
> sincerely
> Joss Winn
> 1217 Shinden
> Kubota-cho
> Saga-gun
> Saga-ken
> 849-0203
> Tel. (81)-(0)-(952)68-4722

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