oriental musicals

Alexander graf alexander.graf at primus-online.de
Sat Jan 23 18:23:32 EST 1999

etoile wrote:
> > >and 1960's. I've just accepted this unenviable offer, and hope to find
> > >some productions from the period that reflect the aesthetics of the
> > >classical American "song and dance" musical of the day, but oriental...
> > >I guess my first contribution to this list therefore has to be a
> > >question: Are there any?
> >
> > If the focus lies on "Oriental" musicals as a general background, then
> > there is surely no way past popular Indian cinema. If my memory serves
> If the focus is indeed on more globally 'oriental' cinema (if there's such
> a thing), there's a rumor going on that Wong Kar Wai's latest movie might
> be a musical... Probably false, but what would you give to see that
> (and Doyle as DOP for it...)!
> Olivier Petitpas

Might not be false. The musical as a genre seems to be making a
comeback. I know for a fact that Lars von Trier is making one, together
with Björk (dancer in the dark). And in industry chat, the word is that
a revival is on the way. Let's face it, particularly for a director like
Wong Kar Wai, the time would be right to make history by being one of
the first of a generation to dare do the unthinkable. The music's there
too. But I couldn't imagine the product would have much to do with
Hollywood musicals. More like he would follow the "Lola Rennt" (Thomas
Tyckwer, 1998) trend of music-clip aesthetics. Or drum and base?


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