oriental musicals

etoile crsg
Sun Jan 24 01:42:58 EST 1999

> a revival is on the way. Let's face it, particularly for a director like
> Wong Kar Wai, the time would be right to make history by being one of
> the first of a generation to dare do the unthinkable. The music's there
> too. But I couldn't imagine the product would have much to do with

I heard Wkw was under some sort of pressure to make a commercialy viable
film but if we consider that a lot of hongkongese actors are also singers,
it could make sense... It's just too bad it had to fall on cantopop! ;)
With Hinami's appearance in Tokyo Eyes and Glico's in Swallowtail
Butterfly, you never know what could happen in Japan...

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