Introduction and question.

Max Schaefer Max.Schaefer
Tue Jan 5 04:38:38 EST 1999

        I have been lurking on this list for a couple of weeks, 
        and found it very helpful, so I thought I may as well 
        make the apparently obligatory self-introduction. My name 
        is Max Schaefer; I work at the British Film Institute in 
        London. My job is largely taken up with editing programme 
        notes for the National Film Theatre (where the biggest 
        successes, last year, were a major Mizoguchi 
        retrospective -- pretty much entirely sold out -- and a 
        smaller Ozu one, as well as a large season of Imamura's 
        films). I also work on a huge database of film and tv 
        information maintained by the BFI. I spent a year 
        studying Japanese intensively (in the States) and have 
        forgotten nearly all of it, much to my shame ...
        That's probably enough intro. I also have a question -- I 
        have seen a few postings mention a 'Japanese movie 
        database' available on the Web, but have been wholly 
        unable to find it. Can anyone point me in the right 
        Many thanks, and best wishes for the end of the 

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