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stephen cremin asianfilmlibrary
Mon Jan 4 23:22:28 EST 1999

Again, regarding retitling of "Love Letter" in America.  As I've 
previously posted, Japanese films entitled "Love Letter" caused no 
problems for US distributor.  The only reason given was the stage 
production, although that still doesn't explain why "When I Close My 
Eyes" was chosen.  I don't think we'll ever find out which bright 
spark in the marketing department settled on that title as nobody at 
Rockwell Eyes (Iwai's production company) or Fuji TV has a clue.

To jog Alan Kita's memory, Japanese films with that title (in English, 
hiragana or katakana) were made by Suzuki Seijun, Higashi Yoichi, Iwai 
Shunji and, most recently, Morisaki Azuma.  And of course there are 
many films entitled "Koibumi" (in kanji), including films directed by 
Kumashiro Tatsumi and Tanaka Kinuyo.

Stephen Cremin
The Asian Fi

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