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Ono Seiko and Aaron Gerow onogerow
Tue Jan 5 08:05:53 EST 1999

A query for those of you with a background in TV:

We've seen lots of examples in the 1990s of successful Japanese TV dramas 
being turned into films: _Koko kyoshi_, _Gimu to engi_, _Odori 
daisosasen_, etc.  That, perhaps, is only to be expected given the 
comparative strength of the TV industry.  But how many cases can people 
cite of the opposite: Japanese films being turned into Japanese TV 
dramas?  I ask this because the new TV season starting this month 
actually features two such examples: _Ringu_ (from the successful horror 
film (as well as a book) from last year) and _Yonigeya honpo_ (from the 
moderately successful film series).  Can anyone think of other cases?

Aaron Gerow
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