CDRoms in Tokyo? Part 2

stephen cremin asianfilmlibrary
Wed Jan 6 16:26:48 EST 1999

Just reading the original posting again, I should add that there are 
various CD-ROMS available on Kurosawa Akira, Ozu Yasujiro, Shunji 
Iwai's "Swallowtail Butterfly", etc, which tend to start at around 
10,000 yen.  When I visited Japan in 1996, I'm sure I came across a 
CD-ROM of Shochiku films (which seems to be no longer available).  
Apparently, they are the only film studio with their own in-house 

I don't know if my previous posting read as negative, but I should 
stress that the Kinema Junpo CD-ROM does sound very exciting as it 
would cost you a fortune to buy their various film encylopaedias (-
ae?) and yearbooks (if that information is included), and a damn sight 
more portable.  Presumably when the add mentions OS 8.1, it means 
Japanese Mac OS 8.1.  (I've never actually studied Japanese so don't 
trust my translation of the advertisement.).

Stephen Cremin
The Asian Film Lbrary
[London Pan-Asian Film Library]


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