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Roberta Novielli novielli
Thu Jan 7 05:25:14 EST 1999

>I also did an interview with him that will be appearing in Italian in the
>Bergamo catalog, but maybe Roberta can tell people more about that.

Bergamo Film Meeting - one of the most important Italian film festivals -
takes place in Bergamo, northern Italy (1999 edition: March 13-21). Every
year, besides a competitive section of new films and a huge retrospective
devoted to an author or a period in the history of the cinema, they
organize a tribute to a film director still unknown or not distributed in
Italy. In the past years they had retrospectives devoted to Aki Kaurismaki,
Jon Jost, Olivier Assayas, Jan Svankmajer, Joao Botelho, Catherine
Breillat. For each of the authors selected, they also publish a rich
catalogue. This year's retrospective is dedicated to the whole work of
Yanagimachi Mitsuo:
God Speed You! Black Emperor
19 sai no chizu
Saraba itoshiki daichi
Shadow of China
Ai ni tsuite, Tokyo
Tabi suru Pao janghu

I'm working on the catalogue right now. It will include: a rich filmography
(including some essays never published before, among the others a short
article by Nakagami Kenji on _ God Speed you! _); a long interview to
Yanagimachi; an interview to Tamura Masaki by Aaron Gerow; some essays (by
Yamane Sadao and others), and three short essays by Yanagimachi himself on
Bresson's works and on Japanese cinema.
Yanagimachi will also be a guest during the film festival.
For more details on the retrospective, you can contact me or check on the
web at:

I must apologize for the delay, but I would also like to inform you of
another retrospective which is now being held here in Italy and for which
I'm co-operating. It is the first complete retrospective on Kitano Takeshi
in this country, taking place in several Italian cities, dating from
November 1998 to March 1999. It has also been published a book on Kitano,
edited by Italian film critics Michele Fadda e Rinaldo Censi, with a
selective section of Kitano's essays edited by me. The book guests writings
of many contributors, including a very interesting essay by Aaron Gerow.
The retrospective is also on the web (Italian only) at:


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