Antoine "to Moushimasu"

Joss Winn edq39077
Sun Jan 10 05:38:48 EST 1999

>My name is antoine kilian,..... I am looking for Ma in Cinema (!).

You should take a look at Iimura Takahiko's MA: Space/Time in the Garden of
Ryoan-ji (1989, Colour, VHS (from 16mm), 16mins).

Iimura-san can be contacted at: <iimura at> I'm sure he'd be happy
hear from you.

Watching MA annd his 'Video Semiology' work from the seventies, it was
pointed out to me in a discussion with another KineJapan member, Ema
Jitsukawa, that one can find close links between his semiological work and
the Roanji video.  His catalogue lists a copy of MA for private use at
Y6000 or Y40,000 for institutions.  You may also try to get hold of some
exhibition catalogues which contain very informative essays on much of his
work, including MA.

Enjoy.  It's a beautiful and thought provoking video.

p.s. now I think about it, he has made other videos that deal with
space/time.  See A JOURNEY TO AYERS ROCK (1985, 33 mins, Colour, VHS)  My

also, I haven't seen it, but from descriptions of his NEW YORK DAY AND
NIGHT (1989, 56mins, colour, VHS), that too reflects on issues of

Both are also available to buy directly from Iimura-san.

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