A film by Hitoshi Ozawa

Martin Beck adrenafilm
Sun Jan 10 05:34:00 EST 1999

I just saw the cover, immediately liked what I saw, bought the DVD, watched the 
film...and am still looking for the title.

It's a really wild, incredibly fast paced fantasy/ martial arts film set in the 
middle ages and features all kinds of demons, battle scenes, special effects, 
naked women and lots of bloody decapitations. The story has something to do with 
a quest for magic pearls which -brought together- form an invicible sword to 
battle the evil (and, quite frankly, completely out of their minds) rulers of 
the country. It reminded me of the film ZIPANG and a lot of HK-kung fu films 

Ok, the director is Hitoshi Ozawa (who also plays the lead role), another cast 
member is Yuhko Moriyama. The DVD is from King Record (order number: KIBF 5) and 
was released in 1998. As bonus material you get interviews with the director and 
the cast. A very highly recommended film...just a film without a title...yet.

My guess is THE ARMAGEDDON. But please, dear members of Kine Japan, help me out!

Thanks in advance,

Martin Beck
Adrenafilm/ Germany
adrenafilm at t-online.de

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