KINEJAPAN digest 506

Joanne Bernardi jobi
Sat Jan 16 22:03:28 EST 1999

  Just a quick comment on introductory texts for introductory japanese
cinema courses:  Markus mentioned Desser's _Eros Plus massacre_ being out
of print. I didn't have this problem when I assigned it last
semester--hope this isn't a recent development.
  I usually assign sections of both the 1950s Anderson/Richie Art and
Industry and Richies more recent (and admittedly thin) Japanese Cinema:
an Introduction. Students regularly bypass the thick older book for the
nice slim new one, but Art and Industry can be useful if contextualized in
class (as a product of the 1950s). The essays appended to the revised
version (1980s) are useful. 
  Richie's intro text is useful in that it ventures into the 80s and 90s.
Hope this helps. 
Joanne Bernardi (U of Rochester)

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